Wastewater Treatment

Sinus dairy offers, in partnership with the German company TIA GmbH, wastewater treatment solutions in Scandinavia and Africa. TIA GmbH has delivered turn-key water treatment plants to customers worldwide since 1987. Amongst the clients there are Danish Crown, Danfoss, Coca-Cola, Pepsi Cola and a number of dairies in different countries of different sizes.

  • Turnkey, custom-made plants for complete or partial treatment ( industrial from 20 to 7.500 m3/day )
  • Single plant components for wastewater treatment as well as recycling
  • Standardized solutions for small municipal applications, from 300 PE up to 150.000 PE
  • Refurbishment, optimization and extension of existing treatment plants
  • A wide range of services

We offerseveral and individually designed possibilities for pre-treatment as well as biological and chemical-physical cleaning up to conditioning of wastewater for re-use ( recycling ).
TIA chooses the single wastewater treatment process specifically, taking process engineering as well as economic factors into account. Thereby the optimal solution can be achieved:

  • Safe and stable operation of the cleaning process
  • Distinct operation structures
  • Adaptability to modified conditions
  • Attractive investment and operation costs

For more information please contact Sinus dairy or visit www.tia-abwasser.de

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